All I Want For Christmas – Hope

“She will bear a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” – Matthew 1:21

Have you ever noticed people live up to or down to their names? I knew a woman named Sunny from Rotary Club. She lived up to her name as she was always bright and cheerful. We have a young teen named “Sophia” (Sophie) at CROSSROADS. In Greek, the name “Sophia” means wisdom and this young lady is extremely wise. I knew a man named John Wesley Smith and he was indeed a fine Methodist preacher. The importance of names is a powerful and significant theme in the Bible. The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible states it this way, “The giving of personal names in ancient Israel was not merely for the purpose of providing a distinct label for an individual but was common for expressing religious convictions associated with the birth of a child or a future. For example, the name Moses literally means, ‘drawn up from the water.’”

The name Yeshua (Joshua) in Hebrew, or Jesus in Greek, literally means savior or the Lord’s helper. Joshua also means wall breaker. Remember what happened in Jericho? The good news is Christ lived up to His name. Christ is our Savior. Christ is our Redeemer. He is a wall breaker that gets rid of division and reminds us we are all a part of God’s family. He makes us all one.  He offers HOPE in a hopeless world. This Christmas season, continue to look for hope remembering God sent His son as Savior to bring hope through His name. May God bless you this Christmas season with hope for you and those you love.

In Christ’s love and service,

Paul Marzahn