Children’s Ministry Director Position

Job Description

General Responsibilities:

  1. Visionary leadership of children’s program.
  2. Primary leadership for identifying, mentoring, training, supporting, recruiting leaders. Delegate tasks to others.
  3. Primary leadership of Children’s Leadership Team that coordinates fellowship events, retreats, fundraisers and supports teachers.
  4. Oversee children’s music and drama volunteers in coordination with worship work area.
  5. Communication including letters to parents, monthly all church newsletter and announcements in bulletin, scheduling volunteers – using the church software, Elvanto and Google Drive. Track hours worked.
  6. Responsible for starting groups/programs within children’s ministry and releasing leadership to sustain ministry.
  7. Work with parents of children to create effective family ministry.
  8. Oversee volunteers in selecting, ordering of curriculum for all campuses.
  9. Overseeing volunteers who schedule and provide childcare for church events as needed.
  10. Work in conjunction with the CROSSTRAINING/VBS Children’s Director in the planning and coordinating of Children’s Ministry events and schedules.

Meeting Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in Sunday morning (Weekly). 8:30 prayer time – Noon end of worship, talk to families, clean up
  2. Attend monthly meetings with Children’s Leadership Team.
  3. Attend training events, Vacation Bible School other retreats as needed.
  4. Meet with Pastor and other staff members as needed for communication.(usually once a week to touch base)

Length of Commitment:

1 Year Contract – Reviewed bi-annually and renewed yearly at anniversary date of hire.

1 Month Advance notice for resignation (2 week notice for termination).

Spiritual Gifts:

Primary: Faith, Leadership, Teaching, and Administration

Secondary: Shepherding and Creative Communications


Children, Family, and Faith Development

Personal Style:

People Oriented/Balance between structured and unstructured.


Weekly touch-in times with Pastor. Monthly Children’s Meetings as set by the team.


Compensation and Benefits:

Income: $6500 Annual (10 hours per week at $13.5 per hour)

Vacation: 2 weeks per year (non paid) / Maximum 4 Sundays/ – must request in advance with SRT approval.

Missional Days Off: 5 provided – Paid.

Weekly Hours Required: 10 hours.

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