T.E.A.M. Partnership

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Love and Acceptance | T.E.A.M. Partnership

We exist to be a church that focuses on reaching the un-churched and/or disciplining the believers.  Our mission statement reflects our goal “to reach out in love and acceptance so that all may become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” As we grow as a church, we will reach out to more and more people who do not feel accepted in traditional church settings. However, it is not enough to simply be a gathering place for persons exploring Christianity.  At some point, we as leaders in the church need to hold up a measuring stick and say, “This is what we expect from mature believers.” As God works in the lives of believers, at some point in their faith journey they will seek to move from participating in events at CROSSROADS, to becoming mature believers that follow God in everyday life.

Biblical Functioning | T.E.A.M. Partnership

Our T.E.A.M. Partnership Manual was written to help guide people in their faith journey process. The leadership of the church  desires each member to become individual believers who are committed to Christ and to one another.  Another  way to state this vision is to say, as a church we hope to become a Biblical functioning community.” A Biblical  functioning community continues to grow in its knowledge of the Bible as well as making a commitment to live  out this knowledge in the world.  This manual will help define spiritual markers for people on the road of life  moving in the direction of faith. It will challenge some, it may even frustrate others, but the process is  designed to coach and nurture people along the road.  It is not intended to create roadblocks.  Some persons  who have learning limitations or physical disabilities may not be able to complete this manual in a traditional  fashion.  We are committed as a church to adapt this format and work through any challenges to this process.

 Fully Devoted | T.E.A.M. Partnership

Membership at CROSSROADS is an important step in becoming a fully devoted follower. However, membership should be viewed as a part of the journey and not an end. It is an initiation, not a graduation. Becoming a T.E.A.M. Member is a starting point; a recognition that affirms where you are spiritually.  Our membership manual is designed to help you discern where you are going.  It is our goal that membership is a step of discipleship that will be a milestone on your lifelong Christian journey.