The Great Adventure

Greetings from Mission Mexico!


As I write this we are completing our final day in Rio Bravo Ministries in Reynosa, Mexico. Thanks for all the prayers and financial support from CROSSROADS. We have been making a huge impact due to our teamwork. Together we helped furnish and construct a new church sanctuary. Together we helped paint and remodel an orphanage children’s home. Together we helped redo the plumbing so kids can now brush their teeth, flush toilets, and wash clothes. You are making a huge difference!


This week’s message will focus on the first five chapters of Matthew and in particular the preaching of Jesus called the “Sermon On The Mount.”  In this message, Jesus lays out what it means to participate in the “Kingdom of Heaven.” He also lays out barriers that keep us from experiencing Kingdom life. Early in my faith walk I believed the Kingdom was something believers experienced when they died. If we had a personal relationship with God, we would be rewarded by having eternal life in Heaven. As I grew in my faith I began to understand as believers we could experience the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth as well. I realized Jesus preached we are to experience the Kingdom here and now, as well as in its fullness in Heaven. This Sunday we will discuss how to access the blessings of being a part of God’s Kingdom.

This year we are going through the Great Adventure as each CROSSROADS family member will be challenged to read through the entire New Testament. This first week we are encouraging everyone to read Matthew 1:1 – Matthew 6:24.
Jan 1 – Matthew 1:1 – 2:12
Jan 2 – Matthew 2:13 – 3:6
Jan 3 – Matthew 3:7 – 4:11
Jan 4 – Matthew 4:12 – 25
Jan 5 – Matthew 5:1 – 26
Jan 6 – Matthew 5:27 – 48
Jan 7 – Matthew 6:1 – 24

Happy New Year!

In Christ’s love and service,

Pastor Paul Marzahn