CROSSROADS is headed to the Historic Wesley Center to watch the play To Begin With! We will leave from our Lakeville Campus at 1:30, stop by our IGH Campus at 2 and then head to the performance! You can go to their website for more details on the performance! Tickets are $20! GET TICKETS by clicking here and type in the ticket quantity amount. Call the office at 952-469-7729 if you have any questions!

To Begin With Registration



To Begin With is a look into the mind of a great writer, inspired by a little-known work of Charles Dickens, written for his children. Quite unlike his usual fiction, it was an adaptation of the Biblical Gospels. He didn’t intend for it to be published, and it wasn’t—until 64 years after his death. To Begin With is an intriguing exploration of why he wrote it, and the struggles he may have encountered in his creative process. This witty, insightful and thoroughly enjoyable new play, written and directed by Jeffrey Hatcher, stars Gerald Charles Dickens, the great-great grandson of Charles Dickens, in the role of Charles. Gerald’s extensive knowledge and research into his ancestor’s life and times, writings, and family dynamics, brings vivid life to his performances as Charles Dickens in To Begin With