Catch | The Story of Jonah

This summer we are blessed to have a special worship series being led by Garth Heckman. Garth is leading worship on Wednesdays for those who are gone on Sundays or just want another learning opportunity. Garth is a dynamic teacher and all who attend will be blessed.  It is our hope to to continue this service in the fall and merge it with our youth and adult discipleship programming. Wednesday Night Worship is for all ages and childcare will be provided.

“If you read the story of Jonah you can quickly become enamored with the idea of the big fish. But there is so much more to that story than meets the eye. Jonah was just like you.  Just like me!  He whined, complained, had prejudices and was slow to love others and listen to God’s voice. The good news?  ….even in his rebellion God used him….and he can do that with us.  He was more excited about his care then the care of others.  He was more concerned about his needs, wants and desires then Gods needs, wants and desires. Jonah should have been a world class marathoner because he made a life out of running from God. He went to great expense to run from God no matter what it took. Jonah is a book about rebellion, racism, running, redemption and reward. it speaks to us today and no matter where you find yourself in life. When you read it you will ask yourself one question…What in the whale is going on?”

~Garth Heckman

In Christ’s Love and Service,
Pastor Paul Marzahn