We have several ways for you to connect with other people at CROSSROADS.

Small Groups

At CROSSROADS, creating healthy Small Groups are one of our core values. We believe that Small Groups aren’t just a part of the church, they ARE the church. If you would like to join a small group or start your own small group you can learn more above.

T.E.A.M. Partnership

At CROSSROADS CHURCH we believe a foundational characteristic of faithful Christian’s is a life that serves others. As God works in the lives of believers, at some point in their faith journey they will seek to move from participating in events at CROSSROADS, to becoming mature believers that follow God in everyday life. If you would like to become a TEAM Partner at CROSSROADS CHURCH you can learn more above.


At CROSSROADS, we are always needing volunteers to help out with events.  Whether it be a greeter on a Sunday or Wednesday, or someone to refill the coffee, please prayerfully consider volunteering.  If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities you can learn more above.