DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING | Knowledge and Self-control

Add to your faith, goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control….
-2 Peter 1:6

(Excerpt from Roger Thompson’s Book – Doing the Next Right Thing”)

“On April 26, 2003, Aaron Ralston was hiking through Blue John Canyon. While he was descending into a narrow, slot canyon, a suspended eight-hundred-pound boulder became dislodged, crushing his right hand against the wall. He was trapped and unable to move. He had told no one of his hiking plans so he knew no one would be searching for him. He spent five days rationing his food but eventually had to do something or die in the wilderness. Ralston eventually arrived at the conclusion he would have to amputate his arm. He broke both of the bones on his arm and then spent the better part of an hour cutting his arm off with a dull two-inch knife. After amputating his arm, he was dehydrated and had lost about 25 percent of his blood. He then had to rappel 65 a foot sheer wall with one hand and hike out the canyon. While hiking out of the canyon, Aaron was blessed to encounter a family from the Netherlands on vacation, who gave him water and Oreos. They then alerted the authorities who came and gave Aaron the medical treatment he so desperately needed.”

Why do I share such a gruesome tale? Because Aaron Ralston exhibited both of the qualities we are studying this week – Knowledge and Self-control. He used his knowledge of human anatomy to make a difficult but lifesaving decision. He exhibited self-control by overcoming the pain during such a difficult procedure. The Apostle Peter in his letter acknowledges that knowledge and self-control are needed to build upon one’s faith. Blind faith can lead to bad decisions. Informed faith can move one toward more mature decisions. May we all seek more knowledge to sustain our faith. May we all grow in our self-control, so we exhibit maturity in Christ.

In Christ’s Love and Service,
Pastor Paul
Questions to Consider:
1. How would you define knowledge? Why is it beneficial?
2. What is one new truth you have discovered recently about God or Scripture?
3. What experiences have required you to keep a strong handhold on knowledge in order to keep you from falling?
4. How have you learned self-control the hard way through consequences?
5. What situations have you exhibited self-control? What positive benefits have you seen as a result?