Downfall: Pride

“Against whom have you raised your voice and lifted your eyes in pride? Against the Holy One of Israel!” 2 Kings? ?19:22? ?NIV??

A pastor was recently telling my prayer group that lately that he was feeling like the joint in the middle of a mobile. He felt like the section that holds all the floating toys above a crib. He shared that on his “mobile” were all the employees of the church, the bills the ministry had to pay, and his wife and family.  The needs of people within the church were  spinning with people that were dying, those that were just kicked out of their homes, couples that were going through divorces.
His pain and pressure hit close to my heart and the hearts of many pastors in the room.

Pastors carry the weight of a lot ministry concerns and also their personal family lives, and friendships. So, if I’m this joint in the middle how do I balance it all? I began to pray into that question and realized that a big part of being a Christian is not being that joint. Although we have responsibilities, and although we matter, Christ is the joint. Jesus is what is holding us all together. It is our pride that makes us think we need to be in the center.  God should be at the center of our life mobile because only God can care for all things. He’ll take care of us, and he’ll take care of the people that we’re responsible for. May God show all of us our part in helping to take care of others.  May God release us from having to be everything for everybody. May you remind us God that you are the one who holds it all together.
In Christ’s Service, 
Pastor Paul