Inver Grove Heights Campus
Greetings! I hope you all are doing great! Things are just about to pick up at the CROSSROADS CHURCH IGH campus! We’ve been having joint worship with New Heights Community Church and things have been going very well! Currently we’re looking at restarting our small groups as well as planning for worship as soon as it’s safe for us to gather together again. All the while we’ve been offering new ways to interact through Zoom meetings and through online worship via Facebook. We also had a very successful Drive-In worship service where we handed out hot meals. Also, Grocery Giveaway has been more needed now than ever! We’ve been hitting record numbers the past few months and hope to continue it this summer. It’ll certainly be a blessing when we can gather together again, and CROSSROADS CHURCH is still blessing others during this quarantine. God is certainly on the move here at the IGH campus! Hallelujah!
Mark Schlasner
(Pastoral Intern, IGH Campus)
New Heights Community Church Summer 2020 Newsletter
Greetings in the name of Jesus!  This is Pastor Dan of New Heights Community Church in Inver Grove Heights.  At this time, we were supposed to be deep into a process of joint worship services and shared ministry with Crossroads IGH (what we are calling a programmatic merger). We were looking forward to a full administrative merger (becoming unified as one church) later this year. That process, like just about everything else, has been affected by this COVID-19 pandemic.  Because of this, there is not a lot to report due to the fact that we have not been able to gather together for around two months now. 
There is also not much to report on upcoming church events as how things will look for church gatherings and events this summer are still up in the air.  One thing for sure is God is in control and He will accomplish His purposes.  Not even a pandemic can stop that from happening. 
I look forward every day to the time we can gather together in person and I can see your smiling faces and hear what God has been doing in your life. Let’s keep praying for that to happen soon!
Pastor Dan

“Freedom Indeed” New Sunday Service at CROSSROADS CHURCH I.G.H. Campus

Starting in mid-September by God’s grace:
3:30p-4:30p: Pre-service Prayer/Worship
4:30p-6:00p: Sunday Service
6:00p-6:30p: Post-service Prayer/Fellowship
Are you looking for a place of worship and fellowship where you can…
  • be knitted together by the Holy Spirit with other followers of Christ?
  • operate freely, but in order, with the gift or gifts that God has given you?
  • grow in your relationship with the LORD and the body of Christ?
  • be strengthened in your faith, and be equipped for every good work?
  • go deeper in your walk God and be an active participant as you co-labor with Jesus?
  • learn to carry the presence of God and become a representative of the Love of Jesus to others?
If you answered yes to any, or all of the questions above, we encourage you to join us and others at this new Sunday afternoon/early evening service to grow in our relationship with God individually and together.
1 Cor 14:26 How is it then, brethren? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.
Some of the main areas of this new ministry are: intercessory prayer, being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, developing home groups/small groups, relational discipleship/mentorship, community outreach, and winning souls for Jesus. The ministry focus is to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known to all whom we meet. Making disciples who will make disciples, helping to shepherd them until they mature in Christ. 
We are in the process of forming leadership & ministry teams and developing/encouraging new home groups and small groups to begin forming. Home/small groups are essential to the growth of the body of Christ and that is where a lot of our focus will be. 
Please join us as we all grow to be participants in the Kingdom of God.
Current opportunities to participate and grow:
Tues: Leadership/Ministry Training
6:30p-8:30p @ Crossroads I.G.H. campus
Thur: Home Group                       
6:30p-8:30p @ Blanchard household in Farmington
Wed: future Bible study                  
6:30p-8:30p @ place and time to be named later
For more information about the future Sunday service, to serve, to participate in a current home group, or start your own home/small group please contact:
Jason Oehrlein – 651.336.7870
Gary Blanchard – 952.288.3652
Antoinette Blanchard – 612.414.4197
Thank you! 
Blessings and grace to you all!!
Pastor Jason
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