Here are the official guidelines posted by Governor Walz – Executive Order 20-81.

People exempted from the face covering requirement:

-Children under age 2 years must not wear face coverings. 

-Children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old are not required to wear face coverings, but are encouraged to wear a face covering when in public if they can do so reliably in compliance with CDC guidance on How to Wear Cloth Face Coverings (i.e., without frequently touching or removing the face covering).

-People who have medical or other health conditions, disabilities, or mental health, developmental, or behavioral needs that make it difficult to tolerate wearing a face covering.

-Any person who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, sleeping, incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance.

-People at their workplace when wearing a face covering would create a safety hazard to the person or others as determined by local, state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines.

-Alternatives to masks such as clear face shields may be considered for those with health conditions or situations where wearing a mask is problematic. Face shields may also be used as an alternative to face coverings when specifically permitted in the applicable industry guidance available at Stay Safe Minnesota.

-When it is required to wear a face covering:

In all public indoor spaces and businesses, including when waiting outside to enter the public indoor space or business.