Palm to Passion Sunday


As we approach Holy Week we are celebrating this Sunday with what is known as a Palm to Passion worship experience. Some churches celebrate Palm Sunday and then celebrate different worship services throughout the week commemorating the final events in the life of Jesus Christ. Other churches like CROSSROADS combine all the final events of Christ into one Sunday. Since many are not able to come to special services during Holy Week, everyone is able to see the final events in the life of Christ. Together in worship we will celebrate Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. The kids and adults will sing Hosanna and wave palm branches during this part of worship reminding us that Christ is the King.  We will experience together Jesus with his disciples in the upper room where they celebrated the Passover Seder and then we will celebrate with communion in remembrance of this meal.  We will also re-live the passion scene of Jesus being beaten, sentenced and crucified.  Although the worship service ends with the death of Jesus, we are reminded of the hope of the resurrection that is to come.

We also have a tradition at CROSSROADS of celebrating this Sunday with special dramas. This year is no exception.  The last week of Jesus will be seen through the eyes of his good friends Lazarus and Mary. Lazarus was raised from the dead by Jesus and his sister Mary was one of Jesus’ female disciples and close friends. Pastor Paul Marzahn will play the role of Lazarus and Pastor Deb Marzahn, the role of Mary.  This week and next week are great opportunities to invite family and friends.  These special worship services tell the core of why we are followers of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

In Christ’s Love and Service,

Pastors Paul & Deb Marzahn