For as yet they did not know (understand) the statement of Scripture that He must rise again from the dead.                                                 John 20:9     
I have to admit when my son Josh asked me to see the movie “Revenant,” I was not anxious to go. Isn’t this about some guy in the wilderness who gets mauled by a bear? I looked up the word Revenant in the dictionary and learned it is of French origin and it means “someone who has come back from the dead.”
Easter is all about Jesus coming back from the dead. The early disciples struggled with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Many followers of Jesus still struggle with this historic event today. When we understand the importance of the cross and the resurrection, we realize Jesus is the son of God who came to save us. Without the resurrection, Jesus is just another great teacher and martyr.  Jesus came back from the dead and promised we will too if we believe in Him. May you experience the Revenant faith of Jesus Christ this Easter in your life.
In Christ’s Love and Service,

Pastors Paul & Deb Marzahn