Safe |

 “How can we sing a song of the Lord while we are in a foreign land?”
Psalm 137:4

Today’s headlines are filled with reports of violence and death.  We read about massive killings in Nigeria and hear how terrorists are holding others hostage. We even read that some of these terrorists may have had ties to Minnesota. We read stories locally of crime sprees and even members of our own congregation have been robbed. In today’s environment of violence we can often feel unsafe. Even when we feel unsafe we try to cope in a variety of ways.  Mark and Debra Laaser state, “Our survival self is very powerful. We figure out ways to manage our anxiety, to control relatively insignificant things, health issues, money and people. Our rationale brain knows better most of the time.” (Seven Desires – pg 32) There are 365 “fear nots” in the Bible.  I believe this is God’s way to remind us every day to not be afraid. Each day of the year God wants us to feel safe.  In the Scripture written by the Psalmist while he is in captivity in a foreign land, he expresses concern. Yet the Psalmist later writes about God being present in spite of living away from the promised land.  We also must remember we live in a “foreign land.”  Until we reach heaven we will never be truly safe. Our ultimate security comes from our relationship with God.
In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Paul Marzahn