Do you wish marriage came with an instruction manual? Scripture uses wedding metaphors to describe the relationship between Christ and the Church. This more than suggests that marriage can serve as a glimpse of the intimacy and connection God intends for us to experience with God. It truly is a beautiful thing, but it is not always easy. At CROSSROADS CHURCH we want you to feel supported and encouraged in your marriage. No matter where you are in these relationships, you don’t have to journey alone.

Wedding Guide
Christian marriage is one of the most significant, God-given privileges attainable. Therefore,your wedding should reflect dignity, joy and reverence in every detail. Your wedding ceremony is not a show to impress friends. It is a testimony before God and those dear to you of your desire to live and grow together in the Lord. This WEDDING GUIDE has been prepared for your assistance in planning your wedding.
Premarital Counseling
Since it is our purpose to prepare couples for marriage as well as to perform the ceremony which unites them in marriage, the church requires all couples to spend a minimum of three (3) counseling sessions to discuss various aspects of marriage and life together.
General Information
All information about what CROSSROADS CHURCH expects from you and your wedding party is spelled out in our information page.
A Wedding Director from CROSSROADS CHURCH is assigned to every wedding at CROSSROADS CHURCH. The Wedding Director assists the wedding party and the officiating pastor in the details of the wedding ceremony, provides resources upon request and assists at the rehearsal and wedding ceremony. The Wedding Director will contact you to set up an initial consultation. The fee for the Wedding Director is the responsibility of the wedding party (see Fees section). The Director acts as a liaison between the wedding party and the church.
We understand that weddings can be an expensive undertaking, and CROSSROADS CHURCH does attempt the keep the costs down. 
Depending on your requirements, forms need to be filled out, signed and returned to CROSSROADS CHURCH.
Strong Marriage Booklet
Taking the PREPARE/ENRICH Program is a great first step in helping you build a stronger marriage. After you have completed this Program, there are some other important things that you can do that will help bring you more happiness in your marriage and family life.