Wedding Guide

Christian marriage is one of the most significant, God-given privileges attainable. Therefore, your wedding should reflect dignity, joy and reverence in every detail. Your wedding ceremony is not a show to impress friends. It is a testimony before God and those dear to you of your desire to live and grow together in the Lord. This WEDDING GUIDE has been prepared for your assistance in planning your wedding.

Premarital Counseling

Since it is our purpose to prepare couples for marriage as well as to perform the ceremony which unites them in marriage, the church requires all couples to spend a minimum of three (3) counseling sessions to discuss various aspects of marriage and life together

Premarital Counseling Covenant

A covenant is a binding agreement. It is our desire to not merely perform a wedding ceremony, but to prepare people for a lifetime of marriage. In order to best facilitate this, we require a minimum of three (3) counseling sessions with the pastor or another trained counselor. This includes the PREPARE Inventory computer profile of the couple, which is to be paid by the couple at the first counseling session. Also, since it is our desire as a church to honor God with all our ministries, including weddings, we have here outlined some of the responsibilities of the couple that we feel will best honor and represent our Lord. This covenant also represents our desire to serve you, not only in your wedding, but also in your spiritual growth as individuals and as a couple. It assures you of having the best start possible for your marriage. Any questions or hesitations you may have should be directed to the officiating pastor

Strong Marriage Booklet

Taking the PREPARE/ENRICH Program is a great first step in helping you build a stronger marriage. After you have completed this Program, there are some other important things that you can do that will help bring you more happiness in your marriage and family life.


A Wedding Director from CROSSROADS CHURCH is assigned to every wedding at CROSSROADS CHURCH. The Wedding Director assists the wedding party and the officiating pastor in the details of the wedding ceremony, provides resources upon request and assists at the rehearsal and wedding ceremony. The Wedding Director will contact you to set up an initial consultation. The fee for the Wedding Director is the responsibility of the wedding party (see Fees section). The Director acts as a liaison between the wedding party and the church.

General Information

Building Use

You are responsible for reading and signing this contract prior to the event. All arrangements for use and all payments should be made through the Wedding Director. You may decorate tastefully, in consultation with the Wedding Director. All areas used should be left as you found them. The kitchen refrigerator and microwave are available for use if the kitchen is rented. It is expected that the kitchen will be left in the condition in which it was found. The bride and groom will supply all tableware, linens, and paper products. There are to be NO alcoholic beverages on the church property. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside the building. Any beverage or food spilled is to be cared for promptly. All food and decorations are to be removed by the responsible persons before leaving the premises. All trash should be removed to the dumpster.


Your wedding will be a Christian wedding and the music should reflect Christian values. Since the wedding ceremony is uniquely personal and special to the bride and groom, the music should provide you an opportunity to testify of your love and devotion to one another and to the Lord. The music is a very important part of the ceremony and needs to be carefully planned and coordinated with the ceremony. The officiating pastor must agree to the entire service, including the music.


Flash photography or special lighting may not be used during the portions of the service in which there is speaking. Procession and recession photos with flash are permitted. The bride and groom are to inform the photographer about this. It is also recommended that you include a statement indicating this in your program/bulletin for your guests.


Video recording shall be planned in consultation with the Wedding Coordinator.

Sound System

The church sound system is available for your wedding. It will be the responsibility of the bride and groom to communicate technical needs to the Wedding Director. A CROSSROADS sound technician must be scheduled for most weddings; arrangements for a sound technician will be made through consultation with the Wedding Coordinator.


The Wedding Director must approve the use of candles. You are responsible for any damages to the church property or equipment. A $250.00 damage deposit shall be due at the time the wedding is booked. The Wedding Director will refund the deposit amount 1 week after the wedding, upon satisfactory inspection of the building.


All gifts must be removed from the church immediately following the wedding. It is recommended that you assign someone to be responsible for the care of gifts while at the church, and for transporting them after the ceremony.


All decorations need to be approved by the Wedding Director. It is the responsibility of the wedding party to remove all decorations immediately following the wedding. Name(s) of the person(s) responsible for removing the decorations should be provided to the Wedding Director in advance.

Alcohol and smoking

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on church property; smoking is permitted in designated areas outside the building. Smoking is not permitted in front of the church at the main doors. Please make sure that your wedding party is made aware of this.


No rice or birdseed is to be thrown on the property. We suggest bubbles as an alternative to throwing rice or birdseed.


The church nursery can be available for weddings and receptions. The wedding party must supply nursery workers. Arrangements should be made with the Wedding Director.


We understand that weddings can be an expensive undertaking, and CROSSROADS CHURCH does attempt the keep the costs down.

Damage Deposit

$250/ Due upon scheduling of church. This deposit is returned the week following the event, providing there is no damage done.

Building Use

$200/ members, $500/ nonmembers. Due two weeks prior to wedding.

Wedding Director

$350/ non members | $150/ wedding only | $200/ rehearsal and wedding Due two weeks prior to wedding.


$35/ Due at first meeting with Wedding Director. Offers a $50 rebate on MN Marriage license. Fee applies if CROSSROADS CHURCH Pastor is officiating.

Facility Director

$100/ Due two weeks prior to wedding. Building use contract must be signed and returned with the deposit upon scheduling of the church

Officiating Pastor

$175/ Due two weeks prior to wedding. Includes three counseling sessions.

Sound Technician

Discuss with Wedding Director. Due two weeks prior to wedding. Required if using prerecorded music or microphone.

Videographer/Video Technician

Per Contract with CROSSROADS Audio Visual. Due two weeks prior to wedding.


$100/ Due two weeks prior to wedding.


$100/ Due two weeks prior to wedding.


Depending on your requirements, forms need to be filled out, signed and returned to CROSSROADS CHURCH.

Ceremony Information

Please complete a copy of the Ceremony Information Form and return to the Wedding Coordinator. We understand that you may not know all of the details of your wedding ceremony at this time. Please fill in what you know. You will have an opportunity to revise this information as planning continues.


Please complete a copy of the CROSSROADS COVENANT Sign and return it to your Wedding Coordinator. (See the link above).

Couple Information

Please complete a copy of the Couple Information form and return it to the Wedding Coordinator prior to first counseling session.